By - December 23, 2009

Let ‘Em All Die!

Dear Matty,
I’m a recovering liberal, but unfortunately I have relapses when ever I watch the news, especially MSNBC. I am having a relapse right now and am I writing for your help. My question is: Why do the Republicans want to let every one die, by killing the health care bill?

Conflicted In Cedar Falls

Dear Conflicted,
Republicans are not like the Green Berets. We do not believe in “kill ’em all, and let God sort ’em out”. We do believe in killing bad bills. This is a bad bill.

If the Democrats think it’s absolutely necessary to pass something, I suggest they pass a sobriety test before the next time they are allowed to vote. Watch for a referendum on the Heath Care debate when Massachusetts residents go to the polls in January. Scott Brown is using his pickup truck to set a roadblock to this awful legislation.

Your first mistake was considering MSNBC to be “the news”. I, for one, no longer feel the thrill up my leg while I watch MSNBC. They stopped being a legitimate news source some time ago. How a satellite signal can beam from Keith Olbermann’s studio in his mother’s basement to my TV still amazes me.

Its Christmas, treat yourself by buying a new remote and blocking MSNBC on your TV.

Recovery can involve many steps. I am capable of helping with a wide range of political dependency problems. The fact that you’ve admitted you have a problem tells me you are on the right path. You earned your first recovery chip. Let Red State Report be your official sponsor.

Most Sincerely,

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  1. WayneBo says:

    Very Funny. I thought Olbermann was being broadcast out of the local mission where he was staying. MSNBC gives me no thrill up my leg…just pains in my chest. Way to go Matty!!

  2. Dark Helmet says:

    “sobriety test” = best one I’ve heard/seen this week… NICE work Matt….

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