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That's Gonna Leave a Mark

That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Each of the following images captures a moment in time where you can tell that what comes next will be very painful, for a very long time. Some are worse than others, but I think the last one is the most painful of all.

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Great Ben Nelson Video

Great Ben Nelson Video

Healthcare is becoming a big issue/pain in the rear again, and Ben Nelson will be front and center once more.  Here is a great video that reminds us of his last traitorous act.

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Hottest January Ever! WHAT???

Hottest January Ever! WHAT???

I will readily admit my doctorate is not in the field of climatology.  I do, however, have a doctorate, and for this articles purposes we will say it’s in the field of common sense.  This is a doctorate that is not hard to obtain and is available to all that…

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Fried Rice and the Census

What do you do when ACORN has been nixed in the Census counting? How else are Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Superman (a personal favorite of mine), and all sorts of dead people in Chicago going to get counted in the census?  Well, the Obama admin may not have solved that question,…

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Liberal Laugh: As Promised-Debbie Downer (Harry Reid’s Sister)

As promised, here is Harry Reid’s sister, Debbie Downer. Just listen to him speak in the post from yesterday and then watch this video. It is very funny, but also very similar in what happens when they are done speaking…no one is left to listen to them. Next…

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What $7.75 Million Gets You in California

California Watch reports that, despite receiving $93 Million of your federal tax dollars for their weatherization program1, the state of California has retrofitted just 12 homes. That’s one dozen. Not even a baker’s dozen. Twelve. That works out to just shy of $8 million per house.

The U.S. Department…

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Interesting New Symbol for Missile Defense

What would happen if you crossed the Obama logo with the Islamic crescent?

Answer:  You might get the new symbol for the Missile Defense Agency.

For a visual analysis here are the two symbols that would appear to be the proud parents of this young logo.

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Liberal Laugh: Nuclear Option Now An Option

This has to do with politics. This video should make anyone laugh, Democrat or Republican. The Dems called reconciliation in 2005 all sorts of names (constitutional crisis, totalitarian, etc.) Harry Reid and Joe Biden are later in the video, but they are awesome in their hypocrisy. They all…

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The Real Ben Nelson

Senator Ben Nelson has, over his entire term as US Senator proudly claimed to be an independent voice for Nebraska, fiscally conservative, and pro-life.  Given his sell-out in the Health Care bill, I thought it’s high time to take a look and see how Sen. Nelson votes.  I will cover…

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Lose Your Job, Beat Your Wife

Maybe it’s time for Dingy Harry to learn how to avoid using idiot dialect, unless he wants to. According to The Hill, the loose lipped senator from Nevada is quoted as saying today, “I met with some people while I was home dealing with domestic abuse. It…

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Liberal Laugh: Man Breaks Into Jail

In spite of all of the goofy news today….thank you Senator Brown…there is always a laugh out there.  The true stupidity of some people cannot help but make us chuckle…here is that story for the day.  Enjoy:

Man Breaks into Jail for Sex with Girlfriend

The Democrats usually give me…

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Presidential Hide and Seek

The last time Obama faced a real press conference (read: real questions, no teleprompter), President Obama “acted stupidly” when he chastised Cambridge, Mass. police officer James Crowley. Crowley had arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. for breaking into his own home and also for resisting arrest.

If it seems…

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The Solution Has Become the Problem

It’s a relaxing Sunday morning, as I sit back to read the Omaha World Herald. I usually reach for the sports page or ads first, but it’s hard not to notice the front page of the World Herald this morning. Below the fold is a story titled “Omaha one

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I Don’t Think He’s Listening.

A follow up on the letter from December, as it appears we will be facing this bill again, through reconciliation. Funny, I never heard back from Sen. Nelson after my first letter…

Senator Nelson,
The American public does not know what is in this upcoming health care…

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Do You Like Math, Susie?

Dear Matty,
I am 9 years old and in the third grade. My Social Studies teacher tells me that my parents are killing polar bears every time they drive their SUV. Is my teacher right? I love my parents, but I also love polar bears. I feel so sad. What…

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Sad, but True

I think this picture sums it up pretty nicely.

This picture is from his campaign, but his first year in office has kept pace. Lots of talk. No progress. No hope. No change.

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