By - February 22, 2010

Presidential Hide and Seek

The last time Obama faced a real press conference (read: real questions, no teleprompter), President Obama “acted stupidly” when he chastised Cambridge, Mass. police officer James Crowley. Crowley had arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. for breaking into his own home and also for resisting arrest.

If it seems like that story, which ended with the laughable “Beer Summit” at the White House, is old news, you’re right. 215 days old, to be precise.

That’s one day longer that President George W. Bush’s longest press conference hiatus, according to Joseph Curl at the Washington Times. Curl reports that the last time Obama faced a press conference was July 22, 2009.

July. 2009. 7 months ago, to the day.

That’s not to say Obama has been a stranger to the media. He called an impromptu “mini-presser” during the second of Washington’s great snow storms this year, and he has given a number of one on one interviews. You know, the kind where he is in control of the questions, the setting, and the mood music. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Chris Matthews.)

It seems that President Obama, supposedly the greatest communicator since Kennedy, has grown a little gun shy when he’s out in public without his teleprompter. It’s been said that Obama “says nothing better than anybody.” That seems to be especially true these days.

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