By - March 23, 2010

Don’t Worry, You’ll Still Have A Choice

When Obama promises that you’ll still be able to keep your existing health insurance if you like it, he always forgets to mention that your insurance company will have to still be in business in order to allow this. You can’t buy auto insurance after you’ve already totaled your car. The whole point of insurance is that you pay in ahead of time so you’re covered if you get into a wreck later on. Insurance spreads risk between many different payers, with the premiums covering claims when they occur. If you have more claims than you have payments into the system, your insurance company goes out of business.

That is, unless your insurance company can soak the American tax payer for the difference. Only one company has this option, and it’s already $12 trillion in the red. No other business on the planet could get away with this, as we’ll see when private insurance companies go bankrupt one after the other because they can’t compete when Uncle Barry makes the rules.

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  1. Russell A. Largen U.S. ARMY VET. says:

    Yep just my thought. People are going to wait till they get sick to get the insurance. I am a smoker I agree that I should pay a higher health insurance rate but wait betewwn Michigan and the NEW federal tax of more than a dollar a back I am already paying almost %100 tax on cigeretts. Ok I smoke 1 pack a day with a sin tax of $3.00 X7 days a week is $21.00 X 52 weeks = $1,092.00 a year tat isn’t going to the people that pay the tax ok lets say %10 of the population smokes which is way low I think it is over %25 but 10 will work that would put it at 46,380,000,000/year they collect off smokers. well if everyone quit smoking they would have to make that money up somewhere. Another sin tax? plus I will probably die 10-20 years sooner so how much will they save on Social Security and Medicare? It’s just a big scam they see someone making money and the government gets mad because there not getting their cut.

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