By - March 22, 2010

Excited or Angry? How ’bout you, MSNBC?

An MSNBC poll asks the following: “The House has passed an historic health care overhaul. Are you excited or angry?”

Currently it’s 65.6% “Angry” to 27.2% “Excited”. I wonder how different those numbers would be if you only polled the MSNBC news room. I’d predict 68% “Excited” to 32% “I’ve got a tingle running up my leg.” With more than twelve months of biased reporting on the “reforms”, it’s no wonder they passed. Here’s to you, MSNBC and the rest of the liberal media. Pelosi couldn’t have done it without you.

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  1. Russell A. Largen U.S. ARMY VET. says:

    What did I help protect? This is not America. I was raised that you worked for what you got, not that the government will give you what you need. It’s hard being a Conservative in this Liberal country.

  2. Mike Wittmann says:


    First of all, thank you for your service. You’re one of the reasons this country has made it this far. Without guys like you, we would have long ago fallen to the communists and/or socialists from outside our borders. It’s a shame that we’re now being destroyed by communists and socialists from within.

    Don’t give up hope. My sense is that Obama & Co. have “awakened a sleeping giant” with the attack they perpetrated yesterday. I’ve never seen outrage like this before. Thanks for being part of the Red State Revolution.

  3. Wayne Lee says:

    I agree with Mike. I spent several hours with our followers on Twitter last night. Even among Conservative Democrats, this has struck a nerve like I have never seen before.

    We need to make sure that we do not forget or get complacent between now and November. The Crapola Sale that is coming from the White House is going to be an attempt to lull us back to sleep.

    If we stay focused, this will truly be a November to remember.

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