By - March 24, 2010

Hollywood, Stop the Lindsanity

Dear Matty,

I have a 6 year old and 5 year old who love Miley Cyrus.  I see she has a new movie coming out soon, The Last Song.  They are begging me to take them but I worry the movie will be too “old” for their minds.  What should I do?

Michael in PA

Dear Michael,
Matty has been asked quite a few questions in his time, but this is the first about a movie I have not seen.  The Last Song is the first movie where Nebraska native Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, Dear John) has written both the book and his own screenplay. His books are usually a little sappy, but not that bad.  Besides, he isn’t Joe Eszterhaus and this is not Showgirls.

Miley Cyrus has been a Disney star since her first episode of Hannah Montana (HM).  Matty is no stranger to his house being over ran by Hannah Montana posters, bed sheets and shelling out $95 for a ticket to watch her body double lip synching.

What is wrong with Miley?  This girl could be the next Lindsay Lohan.  Should we blame her for it?  After all, her father gave us an Achy Breaky Heart, made the mullet cool, allows his 15 year old daughter to date a 22 year old man, and encourages her to keep getting more tattoos. What’s not to love about this future father of the year?  Imagine if Dina Lohan and him were to marry?

The Last Song is rated PG for mild violence, mild language, and a song or two by Miley. This movie is a little heavier than her HM Movie as it deals with a grown up message of relationship issues between a teenager and her father (wonder where they got that idea).  I would suggest taking the young ones to How to Train Your Dragon and skip this one for another couple of years. After that, find a babysitter and join the pundits at Red State Report for the opening night of Hot Tub Time Machine. You can’t go wrong trying to bring back Reagan and memories of the 1980’s.

Most sincerely,

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  1. Miley is such a unbelieveable singer. I listen to all of her songs.

  2. shnay nay says:

    i dnt lik miley hw she is dressed and how she acts i hav a lil cuzin who watches miley and she like watching her movies and stuff but i dont like hw she is acting and hw she got cought by doin bad things nw my cuzin is hitting us jus becuz miley is acting like this

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