By - March 1, 2010

Liberal Laugh: Huh? Did Nancy Just Say That?

Hi ho…first of all…for those of you looking for the Joseph Biden/Whiner Family Comparisons…those darned capitalists at NBC have seemed to put a clamp down on people getting that for free as it cannot be found on the internet…at least not yet. VP Biden gives me lots of other options though, so stay tuned.

Sometimes, life is better than art. For those of you in a Monday Fog such as I am (especially with a nasty cold setting in), this should make you think you are on an unbelievable energy drink high after listening to this garble. I have said it before, Rep. Pelosi is the Queen of Double Speak and, this time, it is Funny. Here you go:

Did Nancy Just Say That?

Watch Candie Crowley’s face as she tries to ask a followup question after this statement. She has the “huh?” face. Enjoy…it’s fun watching the rats starting to leave the sinking ship!!

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