By - March 14, 2010

Liberal Laugh: One of the FUNNIEST Obama Cartoons Ever!

Hi everybody.  I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for more fun watching the Democrats self-destruct this week!

I have, up to this point, avoided the health care debate.  Watching Harry Reid speak  has inspired a comparison to Debbie Downer, but I have left the health care issue up to other, smarter writers on this site.  Besides, with some of the stupid human stories and other goofy things that liberals do, I always have plenty of things to say.

However, I saw a cartoon yesterday that made me laugh so hard that I had to put it up.  This picture sums up perfectly the arrogance, lunacy and just plain crazy ride that the Obama Administration is taking all of the Democratic Party on. I think it’s hilarious and good for Republicans.

In an election year, what Obama is asking of the Democrats from conservative districts is just plain suicide.  Especially when mid-term elections almost always go the way of the opposition party.  While other people are getting upset about it, I feel like a kid in a candy store.  Who needs Red Box right now when the Democrats are giving us so much entertainment? Give me some Diet Mountain Dew and a bucket of popcorn and you are looking at one happy camper!

For that reason, I hope you enjoy this cartoon and I hope that Obama keeps trying to make this pass.  As another writer on this site pointed out, he tried to push the Olympics through and lost big time. I believe he will do the same thing for health care and, in the process, make our gains even larger in November

I have included a link to the comments below the cartoon.  Some of the responses, while crude, made me laugh almost as hard as the cartoon.

Have a great Monday!

Ramirez Cartoon and Blog Comments

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