By - March 15, 2010

Picture Worth A Thousand Words (All Bad)

This picture comes to us from the New York Times, for an article about health care.  A soft picture of President Obama with a silhouetted cross and White House behind him. Some wonder about the tilt of the main stream media, while we here at Red State Report have never wondered.  Of course the media is tilted FAR left.  What this picture would seem to indicate is what only a few thought.  Barack Obama is religion for the main stream media.  How else can you explain the fact that whenever he speaks, his words are gospel and no one dares question him?

There have been a few who have actually questioned the Omnipotent Barack Obama (Fox News)  and now Jake Tapper of ABC.  These reporters, and the stories that they uncover, are all but ignored by the likes of the New York Times.  They are blasphemers of all that is good in Washington, Barack Hussein Obama.  Fortunately for Fox News and Jake Tapper, they have won the hearts of most of America as Fox News is the number one cable channel.  Jake may have to move over to Fox soon as the drive-by media is not usually too happy with reporters who actually report the truth about the Democrats.

To most people a picture like this would offend, especially considering this is a President who is a big friend to abortion allies.  Others would wonder how appropriate this snapshot would be given the President has only made it to two Sunday services since being in office  and previous to that was in Rev. Wrights white racist church.  I would agree with those of you who feel that this picture is offensive or inappropriate.  The state-run media might think I blaspheme the president, but in the shadow of Easter I feel it is they who blaspheme.

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