By - April 26, 2010

Ben Nelson Stands Against Democrats’ Financial Reforms!

HOLY COW! In a key vote procedural vote tonight on the Democrats’ financial regulatory bill, Benedict Nelson was the lone Democrat, according to Fox News, to “break ranks and vote against the procedural measure to advance the legislation.” Lest you think that Nelson may have somehow remembered how to represent the people of Nebraska appropriately, Nelson went on to explain that “he simply hadn’t seen the bill yet and, therefore, couldn’t vote to advance it.”

This is the kind of double-speaking nonsense we’ve come to expect from Nelson here in Nebraska. This vote, nevermind the wishy-washy explanation of it, does little to atone for his complete and utter betrayal of the trust of all Nebraskans when he voted for Obamacare before he voted against it. We know who you really are, and we won’t forget by the time the November 2012 elections come around.

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  1. Truthfairy says:

    Dear Senator Brown,

    Your press release gave your reasons for voting to block open Senate discussion – you want to “protect the safety of the financial system and the interests of taxpayers and consumers”…that this bill and its “serious problems” “would leave taxpayers on the hook for future bailouts”, “hurt jobs in Massachusetts, including small businesses” – but no supportive detail re the content of the financial reform bill which guided your conclusion.

    Have you read the bill? I ask because on Jan 10, 2010, in an Op-ed in Boston Globe, you wrote the Stimulus (ARRA) “had not created a single job”. You repeated same on Feb 4 at your signing-in ceremony, and you were disdainful. Yet on Dec 31, 2009, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts issued a formal report, copy on http://www.mass.gov, detailing that in 3 months, Oct-Dec ’09, ARRA created 13,879 jobs in your state alone! Since then ARRA poured more funds & jobs into Mass AND $5.5 billion tax cuts, COBRA/unemployment & other subsidies. Mass is finally to benefit from over 50,000 jobs….not a single job, Senator Brown? Do you know what’s going on in your own state?

    On finan reform, did you know Sen. Bob Corker (R) already refuted GOP allegations, asserting how the $50 billion fund which banks must pay, NOT taxpayers, “is anything but a bailout….it is to provide upfront funding by the industry so that if these companies are seized, there’s money available to make payroll and to wind it down while the pieces are being sold off”, thus protecting taxpayers.

    As a new US senator, when your words raise serious issues we look to you for substantive responses not Frank Luntz style statements. Could it perhaps be your pro-business, pro-banks, anti-middle-class Republican voting record is getting in the way of your commonsense, since the “serious problems” in this bill will be for Wall St, not taxpayers or small businesses.

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