By - April 12, 2010

Dems to Wear Bags Over Their Heads! Nancy and Harry Dolls For Sale!

According to Politico.com, the Democrats have decided they don’t need to submit a budget by April 15th.  Before you get your Nancy Pelosi Voodoo Dolls out, the Senate does not have one drafted either.  A Harry Reid Doll would probably look more like a troll.  Not that I have much to say about it.  My doll would look like a bald, paunchy midget!

Unlike those of you who are busy getting your last minute tax filing done (or extensions…you know who you are), the April 15th deadline is only NON-BINDING. One of Reid’s aides says that it among the things that they will get to during the work period.  So, between now and Memorial Day, when they recess for the Summer, do you really think that they are going to get a Multi-Trillion Dollar Budget put together when the Democrats are trying to shovel out of a bottomless pit this Election Cycle?

Before everyone goes nuts on just the Democrats, this has happened 4 times this the Budget Act of 1974 was passed.  One time was under Republican Leadership.  Sometimes, neither party is terribly good at acting like they have a checkbook,  just like the rest of us do.  Congress just figures they will pay the people who actually print the money over time and they won’t have to worry about it…at least for a while longer.

The Fiscal Conservatives must watch this like a hawk and not stop fighting.  We need to let Congress know that if you are going to enact these incredibly irresponsible acts that you must have the courage to budget for them, rather than Run Around Washington with a Brown Paper Bag on your head hoping you don’t get seen.  This is in reference to Jets Fans who used to cheer on some pretty pathetic teams.   (But look at them now.)

Nancy and Harry will probably run around with Bags on their Heads all the way to November, hoping to sneak by.  Some of the them will, but a lot of them won’t.  At the end of the day, if you are on a losing football team, you still have to take the field and take your beating.

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