By - April 6, 2010

Get Your Hands off of my Marshmallow Peeps, Ma!!

At a Wal Mart in North Carolina, several women fought over Candy Eggs, Chocolate Rabbits and Peeps this last Saturday.  Why?  Here may be a few questions that need to be answered:

  • Were they fighting over the latest Wrestling Video and the peeps became weapons?
  • Was all that was left Sugar Free and that just wasn’t good enough?  Was it just something to do at the Wal Mart?
  • Did they eat too many Peeps just standing their in the aisle and they lost what little judgment they ever had?

It just reinforces my long standing “Wal Mart Phobia” that I have. I know that they are doing a great service for a lot of Americans, but I just can’t go in without feeling claustraphobic.(Especially on a Saturday or Sunday Afternoon)!  So, like any good husband, my wife goes into the store while I stay in the car!!

You need to understand where I am coming from on this story.  Walmart has great prices on most things.  I don’t care.  I do not have claustrophobia anywhere else in the world except for Walmart on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  I can go into our attic or under our deck and not even get weak in the knees.

Not so with the Wal Mart!  I know there is probably a pill to cure this like everything else, but I would bet it couldn’t help me.  Where Wal mart is concerned, I’m too far gone to be healed!

Everytime I’m in the store there is a mad dash for something that is 80% cheaper than at any other store.  There are so many people in a Wal mart at one time I feel like I’m “running with the bulls.”  (Or hogs for that matter) Though it is small, there is a minority of people in a Walmart that would fight over peeps and chocolate rabbits.  It has nothing to do with money, but rather the uncontrolled “what’s mine is mine” attitude.  Also, some people at the Walmart are just plain Rednecks!

That’s my rant for the day!  I don’t like Walmart and I don’t care who knows this.  The next time you are in a Walmart and get hit by a chocolate bunny or a pink peep, you’ll remember Wayne’s advice and send your spouse in there instead of you.

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