By - April 30, 2010

Hey Al! Look At This Video

Cap-&-Trade is starting to pick up steam.  This bill is being designed to “curb global warming”.  Global warming relies heavily on a fictional hockey stick model, created (mostly by imagination) by a professor at Penn State, Michael Mann.

A parody of this has popped up in the form of a funny video.   I have posted two videos here, the first is the original video.  This video prompted a lawsuit from Michael Mann, so it was pulled from the Internet.  I guess professor Mann is a little sensitive about his fictional hockey stick model.  I have posted the original video here… the one that is responsible for the lawsuit.


The second (sequel) video was put up to support the original producer.   No Cap-N-Trade has stepped in to help fight the lawsuit.  This video uses the same music but is more informative.


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