By - April 29, 2010

Jesus vs. Alinsky

Christianity has been going through an ideological struggle between conservatives and liberals for many years.  An excellent article offering insight  into this question is titled Was Jesus a Marxist? I want to deal with the question focusing on the Catholic religion, mostly because the Catholic religion is a benchmark for all other conservative Christian religions.  If the Catholics fall to a more progressive tilt, so goes most Christian religions.

It is well known that there is a progressive set of Catholics.  In fact, the US Catholic Bishops gave over $8 million to ACORN during the last election cycle. Barack Obama received 50% of the Catholic vote, even though he was a well known foe to the Right to Lifers.

Although the mindset of the flock is questionable, I want to deal with the clergy (the priests, sisters, bishops, and cardinals).   For it was Jesus who told Peter “Feed my sheep” (John 21:1-19). It is these servants who are called to lead the church, and unfortunately there are some who are not leading in the correct direction.

Christianity is being invaded by Alinskyites and Catholics are not immune.  Chicago’s Father Pfleger, a race baiting Marxist (Alinskyite) priest,  was recently given a lifetime achievement award by Cardinal Francis George. Father Pfleger’s higher calling is to transform the Church into a more liberal institution.  How can one priest and Cardinal be so powerful as to transform the Church?  Perhaps they cannot transform the entire Church, but the Chicago diocese is one of the largest in the States, and Cardinal George runs it.  Allowing Father Pfleger to continue his vocation and to award such an individual encourages similar behavior.

Let’s not forget the 10,000 nuns who backed Obamacare in opposition to the US Conference of Bishops.  The nuns insisted the bishops were wrong concerning the abortion issue in the bill.  If the nuns were right, then why did President Obama have to sign a non-binding executive order supposedly forbidding federally funded abortions?  How will those nuns deal with the reality that the Conscience Clause is at risk and may force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions?

The Catholic church, institutionally, has been a supporter of the current welfare state, and the overbearing taxes that result from welfare.  My question for those in positions of power within the church:  Does it not serve God better for man to willingly give of his riches to those in need, or is it better for a government to take from those who have and give to those in need?  How can a person be glorified in good deeds if the government takes that ability away from its citizens?  Another problem with the welfare state the church has not considered; The welfare state has become an entitlement growing in size, and with increasing taxation more people will be forced onto this state from lost jobs or wages, an obvious “unintended” consequence.  There is no honor in this. The government doesn’t care and the church unwittingly supports it.

This serves as the building block for a progressive takeover of the US Catholic church and, I fear, Christianity as a whole.  Saul Alinsky (Obama’s professed role model) stated his belief in whom the progressives serve in his quote from Rules for Radicals, “Lest we forget at least an over-the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical…the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom–Lucifer.”

I am puzzled how Chicago became the axis of false saviors whose objective is to destroy the very fabric of the US Constitution and the pillars of the Catholic Church.  Jesus once turned water into wine, his first miracle. Saul Alinsky turns building into dust (e.g. the effects of Alinskism on Detroit). All Christians must be aware of this leftward shift within their own churches and stand up and be heard.  This really does beg the question, “What Would Jesus Do?”

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