By - April 25, 2010

Man Earns “Stupak” For Beating Up Amputee Girlfriend

Jacoby Smith decided to do the right thing and turn himself into the police for beating up his HANDLESS, LEGLESS GIRLFRIEND!

Allegedly, Jacoby punched Tiesha Bell (evidently still his girlfriend….why?) 10 times on March 22nd.  According to the report, she has no hands (nubs as the Classy Smith calls them) to defend herself with.  However, at some point in trying to defend herself, she managed to throw a bedpan full of “stuff” at him.  He’s being charged a class 5 Felony.

The Good News for Jacoby and Tiesha is that they will have a future date with Jerry Springer, Late Night TV, etc and they can pick up some easy money.  If Tiesha is indeed that great of a fighter (for someone with no hands or legs), there’s got to be an endorsement deal or two out there, including easy to handle bed pans.

As for Jacoby, he is our first non politician to win the Stupak Award of the Week.  With all the stupid things the Democrats and Liberals, you have to do something really moronic to be awarded this honor.  I think beating up a quadruple amputee does the trick!

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