By - May 21, 2010

Do The Democrats Love America?

I have never before seen the spectacle that unfolded in Washington.  President Calderon slammed the new immigration law in Arizona as being potentially racist, as well as blamed his drug war on America.  The Mexican president did this in Washington in front of President Obama and our Congress.  Did Obama and the Democrats in the Congress stand up for America? NO! Obama actually agreed with Calderon on every point and the Democrats gave a standing ovation.  Calderon’s condemnation of Arizona’s immigration law is completely hypocritical on Calderon’s part.  Mexico has very strict laws with respect to anybody who happens to be in Mexico.  God help you if you are illegal, you are in big trouble.

I cannot figure out who was the puppet in Washington.  I think both Obama and Calderon are puppets.  They are both spewing falsehoods put in front of their Teleprompters, doing the bidding of their puppet master.  I continue to be dumbfounded by our President, Attorney General and Sec. of Homeland Defense who all still blast the law in Arizona but none of them have actually read the law.

I am not at all surprised.   As a matter of fact it is my opinion that the Obama administration is doing all this on purpose and for a purpose.   Richard Lamm (past Governor of Colorado) gave a speech which outlined his eight steps to destroying America.  You can read the speech here.  As you read the speech you will come to the realization that this is the path the Obama administration is taking, especially in respect to illegal immigration.

Liberals will tell you America is a nation of immigrants and that is true but it is a country of legal immigrants.  The Founders were very aware of how important it was to control immigration. Those great minds that crafted the timeless Constitution were no fools when it came to immigration.  The Founders were very sensitive to the fact that incoming immigrants had to bring a skill set with them that benefited the country.  They had to be completely devoted to their new homeland becoming part of the American culture, not developing a separate culture.

Those in power now are happy to flood our country with uneducated, low skilled immigrants who weigh down the entitlement and health care systems within respective states and the nation as a whole.  They do this for what I suppose equals guaranteed votes for the Democrats.

The Democrats will look at this article and call me a racist. It is simply a diversion, as I like so many others welcome legal immigrants.  Legal immigrants are good for the country, but illegal immigrants in the numbers we are facing now serve to weaken much of this country.

November is just around the corner.  This can be a new beginning where we can start to restore America. Liberals and weak minded Republicans…start looking for a new job.  It may take a while in this economy.

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