By - May 24, 2010

Gulf Spill: Do Nothing President Has A Responsibility

The oil disaster in the Gulf has left me feeling that something more could have done.  I’m not just talking about the response from BP, which has been attempting to stop the oil leak, unfortunately to no avail.  I am referring to the response to the growing oil slick that is endangering the Gulf shore from Louisiana, to Florida.

The cause of the entire disaster is still under investigation and the cause will be found.  The enviro-nazis will use the disaster as a rallying call to stop all off-shore drilling.

I am concerned because for whatever the reason:   Obama has done NOTHING outside of blaming BP to help clean up this mess.  Obama and his minions have repeatedly blasted BP with the continued talking points “,…they are keeping their boot on the throat of BP.”   I have a novel idea:   Take your boot off their throat, let them take a breath and help them.

If Obama is unaware there are laws (OIL POLLUTION ACT OF 1990, Sec 4201) that actually give him the ability to basically federalize this disaster. The following rules that dictate what the President can do come from the Clean Water Act:

  • §311(c)(1) The President shall institute means for the removal of an oil discharge and mitigation or prevention of the threat of a discharge (1) into the navigable water of the U.S. or adjoining shorelines; (2) into or on the waters of the exclusive economic zone; or (3) that may affect natural resources of the U.S. In doing so the President has the authority to make any arrangements for removal or prevention, direct removal actions, and remove or destroy a vessel releasing or that has the threat of releasing.
  • §311(c)(2) The President shall direct all Federal, State, and private actions to remove a discharge or mitigate or prevent the threat of a discharge from onshore or offshore facilities which is determined to be a substantial threat to the public health or welfare of the United States.
  • §311(j)(1)(A) The President is required to establish methods and procedures for removal of discharged oil and hazardous substances as part of the National Response System.

Here is a law that allows Obama to federalize something and, for whatever reason, he does nothing.  When it comes to unconstitutionally federalizing the US auto makers, student loan companies, and the health care system, Obama is unstoppable in his desires.

To be fair there are big differences between this disaster and Katrina.  First:   The local governments are competent.  Second:   The major media outlets have completely closed their eyes to the truth in this matter.  When Katrina occurred, they were relentless in trying to hang the Bush administration.

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  1. matt jilek says:

    Nice job Skip.. i sure enjoy reading the redstatereport stuff.. I have wondered why the president’s first response was to send his SWAT team out to the oil rig and other rigs near by. My friend in the oil business says that the detergants will kill more wild life than the oil.. This was an accident and i am sure it is breaking the hearts and pocketbooks of all those BP employees.. But America can not afford to back down from drilling and exploration of oil.

  2. paramesh says:

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  1. Obama has a responsibility in the Gulf:…

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