By - May 18, 2010

Oil Makes Things Sticky

Should BP be required to pay for all liabilities associated with the oil spill?

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Now that Obama has finally gotten around to paying some attention to the BP oil disaster in the Gulf, it sounds like he’s in a hurry to find out what went wrong, according to the Wall Street Journal. Here at the Red State Report, we’re always looking for ways to cut government costs and this situation is no different. Mr. Obama, Harry Reid already has it all figured out.

In this YouTube video, Harry Reid exposes the root cause of the catastrophe: greed. According to Reid, BP executives’ greed has caused, “11 horrific and unnecessary deaths, has harmed an enormous tourism industry, weakened business for countless fisheries and disrupted life for many along the Gulf Coast.” While nobody’s claiming this accident is anything short of a monumental catastrophe, it’s tough for me to believe that “reckless pursuit of profits” by BP executives. Blowing up their own oil rig, even negligently, doesn’t seem like a plausible route to higher profits.

Of course, Harry is, perhaps, a little more grounded than Ted Turner. In this video, Turner tells the world that God could be sending us a message that he doesn’t want us drilling offshore, and that recent mining disasters in West Virginia and China point to this conclusion as well. Of course, news bimbo Poppy Harlow goes right along with it. Where’s Greta Van Susteren when you need her?!?

The only way I can make sense of this is to assume that when Turner refers to God he’s actually talking about Obama. Many on the left hold this same opinion, and around here we’ve even wondered if the accident was an act of God, considering the timing. Either way, you can definitely be sure that Reid, Obama, Turner, and others like them will never let a good catastrophe go to waste. If Harry gets his way, by this time next year BP will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the federal government.

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