By - May 18, 2010

Robin Hood:Obama Is King John

Warning: May contain movie spoilers.

I  just screened  the new Robin Hood movie. A realization came forth after a discussion with my son.  The story isn’t so different from today.

Ridley Scott’s version is based on the original Robin Hood, where he stole from the government and gave to those in need.  He did not steal  from the government  for pleasure he stole because it was heavily taxing its citizens.

In the movie, Robin Hood (Russell Crowe) was truly devoted to his king, Richard the Lion Hearted.  For the most part Richard was a good king and a war time king.  It came to pass that eventually Richard’s brother John was anointed king.

John was not at all like his brother.  Immediately King John instituted a massive tax on all citizens (If King John was smart he would have declared that he was only taxing the rich, like those with houses made of rocks instead of sticks).   King John was good at smoke and mirrors, kinda parallels our current head of state.

King John felt militarily inadequate and had a difficult time admitting to his inequities.  He did get his chance to shine in a short battle,  because he finally listened to the army leaders (Generals). This of course brings to mind Obama finally giving the Generals what they requested in Afghanistan seven months before. King John didn’t need polls either when it came to ruling a nation.

The most dramatic part of the movie involved Robin Hood lecturing to the King and gathered armies. The dialogue may sound like that of the Tea Party members or conservative pundits.  Robin pleads with the King to sign a document allowing the people their freedoms: freedom to their land, and a stake in what they grow on their land.  If the King would guarantee the people their liberty then he would be a great and mighty King. The people would follow him into battle and he would be remembered always as a great King.  King John promises to do so and the armies line up behind King John to defeat the enemy.

The reward for the loyalty to King John was followed by John declaring he was ordained by God to be King.  No citizen should dare question his authority and the document he once promised to sign was set ablaze and his original birth certificate was sealed forever.

Reminds me of the democratic party and  Obama’s narcissistic egotistical attitude.  Neither should never be questioned about their motives for any of their over-reaching bills, only judge them on their intent to help their subjects.  Forget about liberty with Obama and the current set of Democrats if it means one more child is fed, or another bottle of liquor can be bought for a government plane.

Robin Hood  still exists today. His noble deeds and words can be found at any Tea Party gathering or anywhere truth is reported. I do not advocate stealing back from the government with bow and arrows.  Our society is too advanced for that. Today’s arrow is the truthful word found on the RedStateReport.

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