By - May 16, 2010

Stupak Winner: Arlen Specter for Counting on Obama

At one time, Arlen Specter was one of the most powerful political figures in the United States.  He could be counted on for some good soundbites on a variety of topics and had been a mainstay in the Senate forever.

Now, I can’t tell whether he is Clark Kent (Superman’s Nerdy Alter Ego), Kryptonite (the thing that nobody wants to touch) or the bumbling side kick of Lex Luthor (Otis, played by Ned Beatty)!

  • Clark Kent, of course, is the nerdy guy who can never truly get Lois Lane.  Oh sure, he eventually shows her his true colors (that he is Superman).  When he does that, it is nothing but disaster for him and her.  In the end, he alters her memory so she does not remember anything and tries to go back to the way things were before.  For Sen. Specter, who “became a Democrat when he was going to get crushed in a Republican Primary Election, he of course can’t  go back to being a Republican.  Nope, he’s not Clark Kent.
  • Kryptonite, on the surface, would seem to fit.  The Republican Party (myself included) long ago started kicking that guy to the curb.  He is all over the map ideologically and was a Conservative in name only.  When the handwriting was on the wall a couple of years ago, he quickly switches parties and that saved him for a while.   However…

Now, he is facing a severe challenge from Rep. Joe Sestak.  Sestak is a true “progressive” Democrat (code word for true liberal) and is much more in step with the uber liberal Obama/Pelosi wing running the Democratic Party today.  Specter is supposedly still established as a political icon who is in the fight of his life.

What does Obama offer to do?  A “Grassroots” Campaign?!  This will not involve the President actually showing up to campaign for him in Pennsylvania.  Given the fact that Obama is 0 for 2 in helping recent candidates in getting elected, this might be a blessing in disguise for him. In this way, Specter is Kryptonite as far as everybody is concerned.  However, it just does not quite fit.

  • Last, we come to Otis, Lex Luthor’s idiot for a sidekick.  Otis just kind of stammers around, bumbling around and making most people wonder why he’s there in the first place.  He’s really not evil nor is he a truly good person.  Not to mention, he just has bad hair (kind of like Specter does now a days.)  Otis doesn’t fit in anywhere and I think both  Superman and Lex Luthor would just as soon he was not around. As far as the Democrats and Republicans are concerned, the same goes for Specter.

Arlen Specter is this years Otis.  No one really wants him around and Obama won’t risk any further damage in what is bound to be a disastrous year.  A “Grassroots” Campaign is safe.  He can take some credit if Specter manages to win and can just kind of shrug is shoulders as the Democrats take their turn in kicking Specter to the curb.  Read Salon to find out how much Obama is actually distancing himself from Specter.

We here at the Red State Report are endorsing Specter to win the Democratic Primary.  We think it’s only fitting that he survives long enough to get crushed  by Pat Toomey, the Republican Candidate, in the Fall. A race versus Toomey two years ago was the reason that Specter chickened out and left the Republican Party rather than run against a more conservative candidate.  We want him to win and run in the Fall so that both parties have the opportunity to kick him to the curb once and for all as we all work on getting our country back.  Good luck to you, Otis!!

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