By - May 19, 2010

The Richard Blumenthal Resume Enhancement Course

I have decided to run for office on the Democratic ticket.  Before I do that I must first pad my resume’, so I am enrolling in the new Richard Blumenthal/John Kerry Resume’ Enhancement Course.

Using this new course my resume’ now reads:  I am a 44 year old who also fought in Vietnam.  My company, The Rough Riders under the command of Theodore Roosevelt, marched deep into Cambodia in the summer of 1959.  Reaching Cambodia we fought the Nazis successfully to help General Sherman cross the Delaware River so they could get to Savannah, Cambodia.  I received three purple hearts during that campaign.  Oh, by the way, did I mention I did all of this with no legs, being legally blind and marching with Dr. Martin Luther King at the same time?

Upon completion of the Richard Blumenthal/John Kerry Resume’ Enhancement Course, I now have the option to further enhance my resume’ with the Elliot Spitzer/Bill Clinton Resume’ Enhancement Course.  I believe that course might get me in trouble.

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  1. Brian J P says:

    THIS can not be true! Roosevelt waited until the FALL of 59’…

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