By - June 1, 2010

Climate Change: Tipper and Al Gore Splitting Up

Apparently Tipper Gore has decided that being married for forty years to a cyborg obsessed with carbon dioxide is long enough. Al and Tipper Gore have announced that they’re “separating” now, just two weeks after their 40th wedding anniversary.

While the decision to part ways is being described by the couple as “a mutual and mutually supportive decision,” it’s not hard to speculate what went wrong. Al Gore is not only the most boring human being on the planet, he’s also a really terrible kisser (see video to the right from 2000). At least now maybe Al can re-grow his once famous beard without the Mrs. giving him grief about it.

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  1. ButchKitties says:

    So what if she is divorcing him because he’s boring? Better than a typical Republican divorce, which is usually the result of rampant infidelity. McCain left his disabled wife for a hot heiress. Gingrich dumped his wife for his mistress (twice). Rudy Giuliani dumped his wife for a mistress (also twice). Mark Sanford famously lied about his whereabouts to get some extramarital tail. And don’t forget all those right-wing preachers who talk about the moral failings of the left in public, then get high on meth and cheat on their wives with prostitutes in private.

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