By - July 9, 2010

Ben Nelson: You Voted For Rationed Health Care

Ben Nelson voted for this: Obama uses an unconstitutional recess appointment to name Donald Berwick as the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Mr. Berwick will also run the new health care system.

Donald Berwick  believes the NHS of England is a great plan. He lauds it for only costing 9% of Britain’s GDP, and that the NHS covers everyone.  He must not read the UK papers.  I was  in England last summer and the papers had such headlines as “Pregnant mothers having babies in closets and bathrooms of NHS hospitals.”  There simply are not enough beds for everyone who needs one in the UK.  The UK got rid of all private and doctor-run hospitals, putting a strain on the NHS hospitals.  Obama has already started that here, shutting down any expansions of or new doctor-run hospitals here.

Taxes in the UK are astronomical because of the NHS.  Houses cost four times what a comparable house would cost in most of the states (taking the exchange rate into account).

Mr. Berwick is a huge fan of rationing care.  Berwick had stated that

“…society makes decisions about rationing all the time,” and that the “decision is not whether or not we will ration care — the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.   And right now, we are doing it blindly.”

The Obama administration has already stated that they would probably turn down some sick people and Mr. Berwick will make sure that happens.  The National Institute for Clinical Health has already been set up.  Their job is to ration.  They will us the measurement of Quality Adjusted Life Years.   This compares how much someone’s life can be extended and improved.  Then,  they consider cost effectiveness — that is, how much the drug or treatment costs per QALY.  The media mocked Gov. Palin when she mentioned death panels????

Mr. Berwick does not like free markets.  He believes the government is the best entity to run health care.  See the video posted here of America’s newest Rationing Czar.


Senator Nelson has vehemently supported the health care law, after he was an opponent to it. Senator Nelson,  any rationing that takes place is your fault!   Ben Nelson had also said the legislation is  “a common sense approach” that will lower costs for families and small businesses, protect Medicare, guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions, reduce the deficit and, he adds with emphasis, “It’s not run by the government.”  Are you serious?

Ah… Sen. Nelson, businesses are being taxed billions of dollars for this law.  It has been shown that it will now add to the deficit .  Congress jimmied the numbers they gave to the CBO (but Sen. Nelson knew that), and now the Obama administration has admitted they will not cover everybody.  In fact,  it looks like they will ration care.

Ben, you deserve a Stupak Award for your part in allowing this to happen to America.

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  1. Mark Chatterson says:

    My company actually pays for private insurance for my colleagues in England, as well those in France, and Spain (do not know of those in Italy or Germany). Those in England and Spain have said that they really only use the government medical care for yearly check-ups, for anything else they use the private insurance and hospitals or else they would not get the care they needed in a timely fashion. The true rationing that they see and what we will see is not from the death panel because no decision will come, they will just make you wait even longer to put off the medical care, in hoping that one will pass before the decision is made. That will allow them to sleep at night.

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