By - July 27, 2010

How Will Obama Respond to Common Sense on Immigration? No Comment

Americans for Legal Immigration, a group that’s actually tagged as an anti-immigration group by some in the press, have come up with the best solution yet (in my opinion) to the illegal immigrant problem in this country.  In particular, the state of Arizona.

One of the biggest deterrents for illegal immigrants to leave is, ironically, the fear of being arrested on the way out for committing crimes.  With the economy in a huge slump in Arizona and worries about the new Arizona Immigration Law, a lot of illegal immigrants would rather flee to other states or get help from a drug cartel to get back across the border.

God help us when some two bit drug hustler from just South of the border can be of more use than the federal government.  Oh…that’s right…I would pick any supplier of weed over the combined brain trust of Obama, Harry, Nancy and Crazy Joe.

The solution by Americans for Legal Immigration is quite simple and full of common sense:  If an illegal immigrant wants to leave, set up “safe departure” points at the border where immigrants can leave even if they could be prosecuted for entering the country illegally or be deported and have to go through government channels.  It would also eliminate the risk of crossing the desert border, especially in the Summer heat.

I would go one step further.  Provided they have not committed any felonious crimes…let them leave and come back legally.  This country was built on immigrants.  No one is opposed to keeping immigrants from coming to this country.  Nor should we be, since virtually all of us descend from immigrants in the first place.  In fact, there are Hispanic groups in support of this legislation. (I wonder if will hear about that anywhere but Fox!)

What most of us are opposed to is to have a group of people unaccounted and sucking up lots of resources from the government without having to kick in anything in return. I know that some people want illegal immigrants kicked out for a minimum amount of time.  I believe that, if we truly believe in the principle of legal immigration, we should be consistent in this and allow people a second chance if they choose, as long as they haven’t committed any felonious crimes while in the United States.  It does make you wonder that seven countries from Central America and Mexico are suing Arizona to block the law.  Comment down below as to what you think on that.

This quote by Steve Montenegro,  the youngest member of Arizona’s legislature and the only Hispanic is support of the legislation, sums up the responsibility we have as Americans:

“America is a not a race.  The United States of America is not the color of your skin, it is the way you think, the way you see life.”

By the way, Steve’s parents came to this country legally and he became a citizen at the age of 18.  He’s a Republican…when can he run for Congress?!

With Obama and the clan in charge, our economy will be stunted growth wise for the forseeable future.   By the time they come back legally, we might have Mitt Romney ( I just tipped my hand!) in charge.  They can live without fear and actually have a real shot at the American Dream.

To read the full article out of Arizona, you can read it here. Have a great week!

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