By - July 30, 2010

Matlock and the Case of the Missing Brain

Death Panel Enforcers

Andy Griffith has released a commerical (see the posted video) selling the new health care system, as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

If you recall, Andy Griffith did a throwback commercial with Ron Howard (i.e. Opie) about Obama.  This propaganda piece is a treasure about how Obama was going to save everything, including having the power to resurrect The New Coke.  Only problem is that we cannot find any version of this commercial out on the web.  The closest thing we could find is Richie Cunningham and the Fonz on a German Video Channel.  Obama needs to be more like Richie Cunningham’s brother Chuck.  He just needs to take his basketball and leave forever!

Former Obama Advisors

I wonder if Andy has read anything about the health care law?  I will give him the benefit of doubt.  Maybe he has cataracts or macular degeneration and cannot see to read the new law. If he used his Matlock experience, he could dig into that manure pile and find that pony.  He would realize that Medicare  has a cut of  $500 billion.  This is a reduction in reimbursements to doctors and other medical services (ambulance, wheelchair purchases, etc.). We could also mention the intended rationing of health care, which would hit the elderly the most.

The town of Mayberry should realize, by now, that Obama and Company are as effective at granting wishes as the Wizard of Oz.  Never fear, the Red State Report will never be afraid to look behind the curtain.



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