By - July 2, 2010

Obama Crashing America’s Economy

Don’t mess with Obama! Don’t mess with his plans to destroy the American economy anyway. Obama was unable to shut down offshore drilling, so what is a Marxist to do if plans don’t go your way?   Dictate! Yes, Obama, through the EPA has shut down 33% of the refineries in the country.

Obama is having trouble getting his Cap-&-Trade bill through, but undaunted he uses the EPA to accomplish his goals:  Making fuel oil too expensive for the normal citizen to afford.  That includes gas for automobiles, fuel oil to heat homes, etc.  It will be a very cold winter, at least in the homes of most Americans.

In this case the EPA arbitrarily decided to overturn a 16 year old air permit program, which allows them to say 33% of the refineries are in violation of the Clean Air Act.

Obama has been relentless with his attacks on Arizona for trying to protect their own citizens. Next, Obama gets in the way of any attempts to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf.  This is leaving Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida powerless in any plans to clean their shores and hopes to save some tourism.  Now Obama is directly attacking Texas.  This move will ensure the unemployment of hundreds if not thousands of Texans and will cost the oil companies millions of dollars (which will be passed down to you and me).

Obama is at war, not with Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, but at war with Americans.  His attacks on all of these states (which are Republican states) are meant to punish them  financially.  Texas has been able to avoid the recession by being a counter-balance to his ideologue, so naturally they are in his cross hairs.

Being a sports fan, from Nebraska , I am not a fan of Texas colleges.  However, I do love the state and their swagger.  I am hoping that Obama finds there is another axiom out there.  It’s one he had better pay attention to:  Don’t Mess With Texas!

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