By - July 13, 2010

Public School Test Scores Flatline, Despite 200% Increase in Cost

Found this incredible article today showing that, despite enrollment growing just 9% since 1970, there are nearly twice as many public school employees!

Even more shocking is the fact that, while spending has also doubled during that time (see graph below), test scores have either remained flat or even declined!

Now, I’d like to say that my reaction is somewhere around un-be-freakin’-lievable, but the truth is that this doesn’t surprise me at all. Coulson gets it exactly right when he says, “The extra $75,000 [per student] we’re now spending has done wonders for public school employee union membership, dues revenue, and political clout. It’s done a whole lotta nothin’ for student learning.” Keep this in mind the next time Obama, or anyone else, tells you we need more teachers and more money for schools. Ask them what good they’ve done with what we’ve already given them.

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