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Unemployment is a Stimulus? Pelosi must have inhaled!

I have talked with my Red State Report Colleagues how I was hoping this Summer would not be slow as it tends to be.  It has proven to be very eventful so far.

From Obama saying that “being American is not by blood or birth” to Crazy Joe Biden picking on an ice cream vendor for joking with him (he supposedly apologized later) to Al Gore… well, I will just leave that alone for the moment, it has been great being a Conservative Smart Aleck like me.  Notice, I didn’t say pundit or news columnist.  They do a far better job of reporting and giving insightful commentary.  I just like taking people to task for being stupid.  Enter Nancy Pelosi…this weeks Stupak Award Winner!

This truly may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard out of a Congressional Representative.  In this video, Rep. Nancy Pelosi actually asserts that unemployment insurance is one of the best ways to stimulate the economy.  In fact, at the end, she rejects the idea of this misrepresentation of what unemployment is about and that people who are on it want to be.

Let me tackle the last part first.  For the only time in my life, I will agree with her.  I believe that there are a large majority of the people who are on unemployment do not want to be. I have friends who have lost very good jobs due to the economy and changes in the way we do business.  I don’t see any of them jumping up and down saying “Honey, our unemployment debit card got loaded up today.  Load up the Van!  We’re rich!”

What they are asking is how someone who did the right things could be in this mess.  They went to college, worked hard for their employer or at their own business and got kicked in the teeth in the process.  The unemployment is a safety net, but it is a net with as many holes in it as Swiss cheese.  It gets them by…sort of.

Now for part one of her statement.  I’m going to say the punch line first.  I believe that Nancy Pelosi has either officially entered crazy land or accidentally inhaled something before she talked about unemployment. Unemployment Insurance helps to buy staples (food, utilities) etc, but is a tax on both the tax payer base at large as well as the employers all over the United States who kick in to the fund.  To view this any other way is:

  • Dumb
  • Dumber
  • Dumbest
  • Nancy Pelosi

The money that is right now helping people in buying food could be used to truly stimulate the economy by allowing more investment in the private sector instead of having benefits go on forever.  The more money we take out of businesses, the less they have to spend on jobs or have the courage to do so.  Like the way most of us with the extras in life…very cautious!

While unemployment benefits in the short term are good to help families get through a lean stretch, I doubt if anyone with even a quarter of their brain working wants to stay there.  Nor do I believe they are thinking are much they are stimulating the economy while looking for the cheapest cut of beef for the next barbecue.

Therefore, I must come to the conclusion that Rep. Pelosi had to have inhaled something.  Paint Fumes, Finger Nail Polish Remover, Antiseptic, Ben Gay, etc…of course, this could all be accidental or conjecture.  If this isn’t the explanation, then God help us all if this is the top leadership in this country.  Watch the video a couple of times and then leave us a comment as to what you think. Have a great 4th of July!

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  1. Una Ferriera says:

    With the unemployment rate still at 9.3% in May 2010 I feel pretty paranoid. Particularly since my home state of Illinois is still close to 11. I hope The White House can turn this around quick enough to prevent a lot more damage.

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