By - July 21, 2010

Where Is Clark Kent When You Need Him?

On this day, July 21st  2010 we saw the main stream press falling over themselves apologizing to Shirley Sherrod for jumping to conclusions about her speech given at a NAACP event. If the press did prematurely attack Shirley Sherrod for apparent racist remarks, then they should be thanked and lauded, especially if they made these apologies on a normal basis for crucifying people for similar acts.

Matt Lauer was indignant in his condemnation of those involved in releasing a specific portion of Ms. Sherrod’s speech saying:

“I don’t know who to blame here, Ms. Sherrod. I mean, the activist who put forward this garbage in the first place has an agenda, we shouldn’t be surprised by that. The cable news network that played this garbage(he’s implying Fox News) on and on and talked about it has an agenda, we shouldn’t be surprised by that. I am shocked at the NAACP, I have to admit, that they did not investigate further before condemning you.”

This is shocking especially since the video is from the NAACP!  How they or the media did not watch the entire video is beyond me.  As a matter of fact, if they watched the entire video they would actually find that Ms. Sherrod is racist.  A portion of the video not mentioned is a portion where Shirley Sherrod goes on to infer that racism was rampant in the eight years of the Bush administration, but now the Democrats cannot be racist because they have a black president.  So you are a racist unless you are black?!

The real crime here is from the press, but not for missing this event.  They are criminals for being a propaganda wing for the Democrats.  Where was Matt Lauer when Rush Limbaugh was being attacked for being racist during Rush’s attempts to purchase the St. Louis Rams?  It was proven that the quotes attributed to Rush were actually never uttered by him.   Did Matt Lauer get indignant then?  Did anybody in the press apologize for crucifying Rush and being solely responsible for Rush losing the chance to be in the buying group?

Where are Matt Lauer and the rest of the Lame Stream Media with respect to the Tea Party? The Tea Party is getting blasted as racist even though there is plenty of proof that it is not true.  The media is still wrongfully implying the Tea Party is a racist party.  The main stream media is no more than a propaganda wing for the Democrats.

Where is the mild mannered Kryptonian investigative reporter?  Is there a Daily Planet out there willing to take on a President Lex Luthor (Barack Obama), when all other media outlets are run by Luthor in the first place?  Is there a driven investigative reporter the likes of Lois Lane? I don’t know about the Kryptonian who will fly around in a suit of primary colors, but the closest thing we have to the Daily Planet and Lois Lane is Fox News and Megan Kelly. I wonder if Megan would star as Lois Lane in any upcoming Superman movies?

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