By - July 28, 2010

Who Is The Greatest College Defensive Tackle?

The Big 12 media day is on its way and I am feeling the upcoming football season.  With that in mind I wanted to know what everyone thinks.  Who is the greatest college defensive tackle to date?

Yes, I am taking a short break from the political world, but not to worry I will soon be back treating the liberals like Ndamukong Suh treats the quarterback in the video I posted here.  Take a look at the video, it is a commercial for Nike and it is funny.


Comment below and let us know who you think the greatest defensive tackle or, for that matter, the greatest college defensive football player ever.  We even welcome the overrated Texas Longhorn player nominees!  (Oh, wait, we’re not voting on Colt McCoy.)

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Comments (3)


  1. Wayne Lee says:

    Great break from the target practice on the Liberals. I, of course, vote for Suh. I wonder how many Texans will actually vote for Colt McCoy. HaHa!

  2. Skip Chatterson says:

    Colt McCoy is a great pick, not for the position but he was the subject of some of the greatest defensive tackles last year.

  3. gtman2511 says:

    Glenn Dorsey?? Really??

    Dude, Sapp wasn’t even the best DT ever at the U. Jerome Brown (RIP) was the best to ever wear orange and green.

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