By - August 12, 2010

A Grateful Ex President George Bush Welcomes You Home Soldier.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  This one was taken recently at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport of former President Bush and his wife Laura.  They have a genuine love of this country and its armed service-people.  Even in retirement, he is not too busy to help welcome back our troops.  I have a feeling that he wouldn’t snub the Boy Scouts Hundredth Year Anniversary in favor of visiting The View.  I’m sure the President was more in his comfort zone.

The job of the president is not an easy one.  The hardest decision is not where to take that ninth vacation inside of 20 months, but when to send America’s men and woman into harms way.  President Bush had a very hard decision to make after September 11th.  Over 90% of the country approved of that decision.  Now, that decision hovers around 55%.   We, however, have forgotten why we are over there.  It is in the best interest of the press not to remind us.  We posses such short term memories that New Yorkers are allowing a Muslim trophy being erected a chip shot away from ground zero.  New York is allowing a new building but a previous tenant in the area, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox, has been denied the ability to rebuild.  Are You Serious?   So much for outreach.  I can’t wait till the liberals demand the gay bar next door to the mosque.  That should provide some sparks.

The president in his comfort zone

President Bush has remained pretty classy throughout his retirement and his presidency.  We truly miss you and Mrs. Bush.  You are looking tanned and rested.  Does that mean you are going to run again?  Or does that statement only apply to Nixon?  All the other Amendments of the Constitution seem to be fair game, so why not the 22nd amendment as well.

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