By - August 2, 2010

Another Democratic Career Down the Toilet

Pete Starks, a 18 term Congressman from California, actually said that the Federal Government pretty much has the power to do anything that wants.  He gets into an argument with a woman who compares the Health Care Law to a violation of the 13th Amendment.  This is the Amendment that abolishes slavery.  Delicious.  The video is definitely worth a view or two.

The Democrats need only to look to the images of their own gums flapping as to why they are going to lose the House and, perhaps, the Senate.  I can’t believe that this guy is serious.  Sadly, as he said it twice, he must be pretty set in his beliefs.  The elite (in both parties by the way) need to wake up and start listening to the people.  If not, fire them.  It’s as simple as that.

By the Way, since I’m sure I will be writing about Congressman Starks again, I give him the name Snoopy.  He looks like an old version of that lovable dog!  Have a great day.  We shall see if he wins the Stupak Award at the end of this week.

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