By - August 25, 2010

Empire State Monster To Mother Theresa

In a time when we are told to have tolerance for religion, that seems to only apply to the Ground Zero Mosque and Islam.

In the city where they are debating religious freedom (which religious freedoms have nothing to do with the Ground Zero Mosque), this debate is lost on Empire State Building owner Anthony Malkin.

August 26th marks the 100th birthday for Mother Theresa, and to honor her, Mr. Malkin has been asked to light up the Empire State Building in honor of her.  It is the practice of the Empire State Building to light up the building for different events and commemorations.

Anthony Malkin has refused to recognize Mother Theresa with a lighting project.  The real estate mogul said the privately owned building “has a specific policy against any other lighting for religious figures or requests by religions and religious organizations.”

Policies are policies, so let’s look at the policies since Mr. Malkin has bought this great landmark.

  • Lit up for Frank Sinatra’s birthday. Can’t argue against ole’ blue eyes
  • Lit up the building for famed Baptist preacher Martin Luther King Jr. with red, black and green. I have no problem with this;  it is definitely a worthy lighting project. Martin Luther was a religious figure who positively affected people, not unlike Mother Theresa. Let’s check out lighting projects.
  • In 2007, 2008, and 2009 the building was lit up for the Islamic holiday of Eid ul-Fitr.  Can we say hypocrite?
  • Was lit up for a Gay Pride Parade (Heritage of Pride)
  • Lights off from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. – World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour 2010
  • United Nations Refugee Agency, World Refugee Day. I listed this because Mother Theresa’s focus was the poor and refugees.
  • Women’s Equality Day, 90th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, except when applied to Mother Theresa
  • And most heinous celebrated the 60th anniversary of the bloody communist takeover of China. They won’t recognize a Godly person, but will celebrate the 60th anniversary of a regime that murdered up to 77 million people.

Mother Theresa isn’t alone on the list of discarded honors. Mr. Malkin also refused the US Marines. Evidently fighting for our country in the years since 9/11 is not good enough!

Although Anthony Malkin is being a huge monster to Mother Theresa, New Yorkers aren’t going to let the Empire Strike Back, they are going to have their own lighting party that will include many other buildings and private homes. Way to go New York.

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