By - August 9, 2010

In Deep Waters

Looney Tunes Untouchables

Today the House of Representatives ethics panel formally accused the 10 term  California Democratic lawmaker Maxine Waters of three counts of breaking House rules and violating the spirit of another rule– Special Favors.  The trouble started when she set up a 2008 meeting between the treasury secretary and OneUnited Bank.  They were only seeking $50 million of the trillions of TARP money.  At the time her husband owned stock and sat on OneUnited board of directors.  She didn’t want HIS investment to become worthless.

Naturally, in a day or two she will deny all charges, blame Bush, and will likely claim the probe was unethical and she was racially profiled.  Believe it or not, that outstanding member of congress Barney Frank told her, “not to get involved.”  Then, he suggested a better investment was to run a prostitution ring out of your house.  He explained the dual benefits of a house mortgage deduction and an all cash business.  Barney is nothing if not helpful!

Maxine is known for giving this nation more one liners than Henny Youngman.  A real gem came about while she was grilling some oil executives:

“…and guess what this liberal would be all about? This liberal would be all about socializing — er, uh.… basically … taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”

Next thing we know she is going to threaten to take over the car and banking industry.  I’m sure Maxine and Co. will be able to run all those companies as well as Amtrak and Border Security.

The ethic violations, checkbook management  and general malaise  congress has towards the American people have me concerned.  I am reminded of what Al Capone’s attorney says to Elliot Ness in the movie the Untouchables.  He says:

“You all think you’re a bunch of untouchables”.

There were many displays and mentions of the “Chicago Way” of doing business. It may seem we are living the movie right now.  Fear not… in the end Elliot Ness wins and we always have November.

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