By - August 7, 2010

Limousine Republicans Beware

Elena Kagan was recently confirmed by the Senate, with the support of five Republicans.  This dove tailed with a conversation I had with Mike Frazier of Arise America on 660 WORL, during Red State Reports weekly spot. An article by the National Journal, entitled “The Tea Party Paradox:The country has moved right, but it’s not clear that this helps Republicans in the long run”, shows that those who declare themselves as conservatives don’t necessary call themselves Republicans.

The leadership of the Republican party should look introspectively into the Pew results.  The vote for confirmation embodies the reason the study has the results it presents. In the graph below we see those declaring themselves as moderates has gone down about 5%, while those declaring themselves conservatives has gone up 5%.

This would seem good for Republicans on the surface, but the next graph shows the potential problem. Republican partisanship has stagnated.

Where are those orphaned conservatives to go then  if they don’t find a party as a home?  Given the tendency of some Republicans to lean liberal, (i.e., Senators Lindsey Graham of S.C. of all places, Sen. Lugar of Indiana, a very conservative state, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and outgoing Sen. Gregg) these orphaned conservatives will choose to stay home on election night if these are the Republicans they have to choose from.

This next graph is also a graph the Republican leaders should look at.  Independent conservatives are just about as unhappy about the Republican leadership as are Democrats.  This is not hard to understand.  When the last time Republicans were in power they too spent way too much and didn’t stand up for themselves against Democrat attacks Instead, they chose to give in to the Democrat demagogy.

Having said that, the Democrats shouldn’t cheer too loudly here,.  These same conservatives dislike Democrats in power by 84%.   They are very likely to get out there to vote against you.

What Washington Republicans should take away from this  is a majority of people want to see a Constitutional Republic again.  The US is not a democracy it is a republic based on a specific set of rules (Constitution).  There are NO gray areas in our set of rules.  If the Constitution does not address the problem, it is a states issue.  Conservatives also want to see a return to Federalism.  This would be a union of states under a central government distinct from that of the separate states, who retain certain individual powers under the central government), not the continual concentration of central power.  We want to see Republicans who have a back bone  and will stand for these issues. Candidates who are willing to fight toe to toe to retain these rights.

Listen up limousine Republicans, Primaries are upon you.

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