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Newsweek: You’re An Idiot!

What do you do when your magazine is in so much trouble the entire magazine sells for $1? Yes, that is the sum total the current owner had to pay for Newsweek Magazine (of course he had to take over their substantial debt).  When you are in that much trouble you write an article that suggests a great number of Americans are dumb or ignorant.  Recently Newsweek ran an article “Dumb things Americans Believe”.  I will go over their top 11 dumb things a great number of Americans believe.

  1. A recent Pew poll that found that nearly one fifth of Americans (mistakenly) believes that President Obama is a Muslim.  Hmmm….Obama seems to have a real soft spot in his heart for all things Islamic, and rejects most things Christian (Has an Ishtar dinner, but rejects anything Christian related during Christmas, just as a small example)
  2. Only 39 percent of Americans believed in the Darwin Theory. The good news:  only a quarter said they didn’t believe itSo, if you don’t believe whole-heartedly in Marco-evolution then you are a dolt?  I will revisit this later.
  3. 21 percent of Americans believe there are real sorcerers, conjurers, and warlocks out there.  OK, no defending this one.
  4. Four in 10 Americans mistakenly believe the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act create a death panel that makes decisions about end-of-life care.  I have proven many times right here on Red State Report that this does exist;  it’s just not called a death panel.
  5. Many Americans remain convinced that Saddam had WMDs, even though inspectors haven’t found any in the seven years since the invasion. I remember quite clearly a large amount of yellow cake uranium being removed from Iraq, not to mention the many medium range missiles that were found immediately after the invasion.
  6. 20 percent of Americans were still sure in 1999 that the sun revolved around the Earth. Okay, we do have some morons in this country!
  7. Barely half of Americans were correctly able to state that Judaism was older than both Christianity and Islam. Maybe these are the same people who believe in Darwinism.
  8. More than three quarters of Americans could name at least two of the seven dwarfs, while not quite a quarter could name two members of the Supreme Court.  Aren’t a couple of the seven dwarfs on the Supreme Court? Let’s see there’s Sleepy, Kagan, Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Grouchy…sorry I’m naming ALL the seven dwarfs.
  9. Sixty-three percent of young Americans can’t find Iraq on a map.  Public Education! What are we spending our money on?
  10. Three in four Americans can correctly identify Larry, Curly, and Moe as the Three Stooges.  Only two out of five respondents, however, can correctly identify the executive, legislative, and judicial branches as the three wings of government.  Since the Three Stooges are smarter than most the Democrats in the legislative branch I consider this good.
  11. Two out of five Americans believe teachers should be allowed to lead prayers in public schools.  This is a classic example of an author who truly doesn’t know where “Separation of Church and State” was meant to be applied.

Since Newsweek is so smart here is a real list of “You Might Have A Single Digit IQ If:”

  1. If you believe Obama Care really provides health care for everybody, better and cheaper than our current system, and that it doesn’t add to the deficit. You may have a single digit IQ.
  2. If you believe 100% in the Darwin Theory, you may have a single digit IQ. Common sense would tell you Darwin, on a macro level, was wrong. A species evolves because the surrounding environment is hostile to the life of the species. The species would then evolve meaning that species would no longer exist, so how did man evolve from a species that still exists? Apes!
  3. If you believe the $800 billion stimulus really has saved us from another Great Depression, you may have a limited IQ.
  4. If you believe Obama has “saved or created” 3 million jobs, you may not have evolved from a lower primate.
  5. If you believe Moderate Democrats really do exist, that puts you in the believers of the Tooth-Fairy and Leprechauns group.  No matter what my kids say, Santa Claus and Superman Do Exist!

Articles like this one from Newsweek show why these rags are going bankrupt.  I think the owner got ripped off by paying the buck!

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  1. Larry Landell says:

    He probably paid in counterefit money. For that rag of a magazine.

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