By - August 10, 2010

Obama Sends America Hating Imam On Trip Courtesy Tax Payers

Obama has never been confused with as a money wise person.  He would be more aptly compared to a teenager in a mall with their parents’ credit card (or Maxine Waters with TARP money for her husband), but that would be an insult to even the highest spending teenager.

The latest example of out-of-mind spending has come to light now.  The Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, of the Ground Zero Mosque fame who is known to blame America for 911, is traveling the Middle East courtesy of you and me.

The trip’s announcement raises concerns Rauf will be taking advantage of taxpayer dollars to raise money for the divisive project.  But, the State Department says the publicly funded trip intends to foster “greater understanding” about Muslim communities in the United States.

We are sending an Imam to the Mid East who doesn’t believe Hamas is a terrorist group.  This is an Imam who says that  America needs to understand the terrorist to end terrorism.  Mr Feisal Abdul Rauf is being sent to the Mid East to educate the Arab world that we are good people?  In other words, we are sending a person who doesn’t even believe we are a good people to sell that very idea, on our dime?!

“Does the State Department have any idea they are sending a guy to the Middle East who is going to be fundraising with the very same people he will be meeting with?” Debra Burlingame, a 9/11 family member, asked, according to the Post. “We know he has a fundraising association with Saudi Arabia.”

Listen up New Yorkers, the administration has no only just given their stamp of approval to the Ground Zero Mosque, they are helping to fund that very project. In Chicago, they call this money laundering.  For President Obama, it’s just another day in the Oval Office.

FYI, it looks like President Obama might join the infamous list of people who have “won” the Stupak Award.  Lest we forget, this award was named for Bart Stupak, the congressman from Wisconsin who voted “his conscience” for health care. His conscience only cost the United States 2 Billion Dollars in Pork Dollars that went to his district.  If you think there are any other worthy nominees,  let us know in the comments section.  Thanks for stopping by.

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