By - August 17, 2010

Obama Vacations With His Teleprompter

When I head out on vacation I always have my check list. It seems there is always something I leave off the list, accidentally, but usually it is unimportant items. President Obama has a very important thing on the top of his list…TOTUS! (Teleprompter of the United States) They are closer than Chang and Eng Bunker.

In a story from NewsBusters, President Obama had to make sure he had TOTUS with him while his family vacations in the panhandle of Florida.  He used TOTUS to tell the good people of Florida that the gulf coast was open for business unless you are an oil driller.  Then he and his daughter took a swim on the Atlantic side of the coast. If you look really hard, you could barely make out TOTUS, in a life vest, communicating with a school of dolphins.  I imagine all his conversations with his family and friends are loaded into TOTUS, so he can have the potential for an intelligent conversation.  I do hope he brought sunscreen for the teleprompter so it doesn’t get sunburnt as they lay on the beach together.

Yes, TOTUS has a very prominent place in Obama’s life.  I can only imagine when the two get separated- high anxiety must set in to the whole administration when someone asks him a question.  I picture a bad SNL skit where you can obviously see the actor reading a large cue card.  Only in this case, Rahm Emanuel is carrying his latte, rugula, and the cue cards which are categorically color coded for subjects like: why America is a more Muslim nation than yours, my travel plans to all 57 states, police officers acting stupidly, my one finger salute to Navy corpsemen (his spelling not ours), and tsunami relief Hawaiian style.  Most of those gaffes were probably a lesson TOTUS played on POTUS.  Never leave me behind.

Did Mrs. Obama bring a teleprompter with her on her multi-million dollar vacation to Spain (the trip that was largely billed to the US taxpayers)? Probably not, it is only her husband that has that love affair with an inanimate object.  Besides, it is hard to justify a separate room for her teleprompter at $2,500 a night.

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