By - August 19, 2010

ObamaCare: Nightmare On Main Street

This blog was developed in response to Sen Ben Nelson’s betrayal of Nebraskans and Americans.  In fact, the original name was “Ben Nelson Sucks!”  Sometimes the truth is crude.

I have sworn to remind him that his vote for health care was a lie to America and a huge mistake.  Even though I am writing to point out Sen Nelson’s hypocrisy, this is not just a local Nebraska issue.  Everybody who has a Democrat senator has a fool for a Representative of their state.  No Democratic Senator has stood in the way of Obama’s socialist agenda to date and I don’t expect  they ever will.

We were told when Health Care was debated that it would save money and there would be not death panels. As a matter fact, Andy Griffith said it would be great for seniors.

News this week came out that the FDA was thinking about revoking approval for Avastin, based solely on the cost of this life saving drug.  This drug has been used to fight breast cancer (it also has uses for fighting macular degeneration.  Listen up all you seniors).  The FDA is responding to pressure from the Medicare director, Donald Berwick, who is a big fan of rationing health care.

Also this week we found, in Nebraska,  the state would be forced to pay between $526.3 million to $765.9 million more over the next 10 years for required expansion of Medicaid.  Gov. Heineman is beyond upset because this turns the state budget upside down. The increased unfunded mandate came about as a result of the new health care law.  Currently 1 out of 9 people in Nebraska are on Medicaid.  As a result of strong-arming all states, including Nebraska, this would swell to 1 in 5.  20% of Nebraskans would be on Medicaid, nearly doubling the numbers and cost to run the program.  This, of course, is not localized to Nebraska.  Soon many, if not all other states, will find themselves in the same predicament.   Like everyone else in “Obamaland,”  Nebraskans are over taxed as it is.  This could be a back breaker for a lot of states.

As I close my eyes at night, I do not have horrible thoughts of some guy named Freddy prancing down a street named after a tree.  Freddy is a wimp compared to the creatures in my nightmares.  My dreams have Obama, Ben Nelson, and all the other Democrats creeping down all streets seeking to control your minds.  It truly is a Nightmare On Main Street.

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