By - August 27, 2010

Sorry Aquaman, Obama Has Taken Over The Oceans

The summer of 2010 is supposed to be the summer of jobs.  The White House is trying to put a positive spin on the economy.  This is an economy that continues to shed jobs, housing bankruptcies at near record numbers and business bankruptcies continuing on the upswing. Yet. instead of creating jobs they continue to intentionally kill jobs.

I guess the offshore drilling moratorium did not destroy enough jobs.  With that said, Obama signed an executive order to seize unprecedented control from states and municipalities over “conservation, economic activity, user conflict and sustainable use of the ocean, our coasts and the Great Lakes.”

President Obama in effect creates a Clean Ocean Act.  Here’s what President Obama gained by doing this with an Executive Order:

  • Not a single hearing needed to be held.
  • Not a single amendment considered.
  • Not a single vote cast.

Obama only needed junk science from a panel of handpicked scientists, just like the junk science that  Obama used to shut down offshore drilling.  The result of this act is hundreds of miles of oceans and lakes have been put off limits to fishing.  Of course, this has the effect of putting a lot of Americans out of business, destroying businesses and families.  I guess in his mind our economy is going to get better. What do we expect from someone who’s main goal is to break 100 on the Golf Course!

Even noted Conservative Lover New York Sen. Charles Schumer slammed the administration’s junk science-based fishing limits at a meeting this week between NOAA’s Lubchenco and Long Island recreational fishermen.  Draconian regulations, he said, according to the New York Post, “put the industry on death’s door.”

On August 26th a fleet of fishermen gathered at Martha’s Vineyard to protest Obama’s destructive eco-policies.  Did you hear anything about this protest on the Lame Street Media?  Probably not, because they are vacationing right now with Obama!   

I don’t think Obama paid much attention to the protest as he was out on his 48thround of golf.  It’s ironic that all we have heard about his latest vacation is the Golf and the Obama’s supposed love for sea food!

The fisherman shouldn’t worry as you languish in the Obama induced unemployment and survive on Spam and Government Cheese!  You’re still making sure that the President and First Lady have high quality sea food.  Obama and his wife don’t have any problem ordering a lot of lobster, wherever they are at.  Don’t forget fishing was so important to Obama that he couldn’t take questions from a reporter because he was “out buying shrimp.”  Only the best for our president and Marie Antoinette.  Let them eat cake…not fish!

Has anybody told Aquaman that Obama has taken over his oceans?

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  1. don mitchel says:

    Jobs,cost, going green,!!!!!!!!! Do the American people not realize we are letting mainly foreign ships use our shipping lanes to pollute our waters trough ballast dumping and a carbon footprint, while they bring foreign manufactured goods into our country putting Americans out of work? Do they not realize that the cost of imports would rise with action by the Senate, to overcome Senator Boxers state rights objection to the legislation passed in the house 395-7 in 2008 for the change we needed to make America more cost competetive manufactures. Do they not realize that the longer we wait, the edge we could have, is disappearing as foreign ships scramble, towards new technologies? The Senate through their lack of action is helping to destroy our environment and economy at the same time, as this obvious delay, benefits only economic globalization, over economic Americanization. Do the American people not realize in these though economic times States are being put in economic competition with each other, having to spend vast amounts of money to protect their waters against an international organization of primarily foreign economic interest, because of lack of national ballast water legislation? Dose President Obama care about any of this, since he has not bothered to address the states rights issues of just one Senator Boxer who held up the house legislation passed for the change we needed in 2008 to protect our environment and our jobs. Or as commander and chief dose he believe America can afford to wait for his purposed two decade military plan to start with yet another study for 14 months while many American suffer?

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