By - August 22, 2010

Stupak Winner: We’re off to see the Wizard….

Yes, I said it.  I am alluding to Robert Reich being a munchkin.   He’s 4’10” tall for those of you who are not aware of this.  Even if I’ve disagreed with him, he has always had my respect because he avoided cheap shots. Those are reserved for people who have neither dignity nor class…such as myself!

I would not take a shot at him like that unless he said something that was absolutely stupid.  Besides, if you saw me, you would realize that I have no room to talk about looks or height.  I am a paunchy, middle aged bald Kermit the Frog looking guy.  When I married my wife (still very pretty at her age), I didn’t just marry “over my head.”  I married over the whole house!

What draws this shot was Robert Reich stating that Newt Gingrich said that Muslims are like Nazi’s.  You can see the video here.  Otherwise, you can read the actual transcript down below:

ROBERT REICH:  But the upsurge in kind of Islamophobia, George, cannot be explained by anything, it seems to me, other than a kind of intolerance that is fed by — I don’t want to say this, don’t want to believe it — but it seems to me the same kind of intolerance that is feeding the anti-immigrant fever in the United States. It comes from a deep-seated fear and anxiety in Americans right now that is rooted, in turn, in the economy.  I mean, people are ready to believe Newt Gingrich when he says that the Muslims are like Nazis. That’s outrageous.

Of course, no one challenges head munchkin.  George Will looks like he is wondering why his beloved Baltimore Orioles are so horrible and if the new manager Buck Showalter can really turn it around!

I actually watched segment where Newt Gingrich spoke on this subject.  He did not say that Muslims are like Nazis.  Nothing even approaching this.

What he did say was that allowing a mosque at the site where thousands of innocent Americans were senselessly murdered by radical Islamists would be like allowing the Nazis to put a sign next to the Holocaust Museum.  Speaker Gingrich also talked about how it would be the same as the Japanese would have built a monument or sign at Pearl Harbor.

In both cases, Newt is not disparaging either people of Islamic Faith or people from Japan.  He is just drawing out a comparison about what the victims of 9/11 and the whole state of New York feels and how fresh the scars are still for them.  Polls bear this out as 70% plus of all people polled are against the “Victory” (yes I said that too!) Mosque being built at Ground Zero.

Robert, you should have gone to the Wizard of Oz, publicist, Billy Bob, whoever, before you spouted something off that ignorant.  It was very misleading and, I believe, intentional.  Hopefully, you will have the class that you normally do and apologize and move forward.  Until you do so, you will be an intellectual munchkin.

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