By - August 16, 2010

The State of Climate Change

I was forwarded this gem from a fan of the Red State Report. Piers Corbyn, a London based astrophysicist, forecasts weather based on solar weather technique.  He is appearing on a the news program, Russia Today.  The video reminded me of one of my all-time favorite reads, and Piers’ hair reminds me of a certain mug shot of Nick Nolte.

I realize we are at the end of summer reading, but I promise this book will not disappoint you.  It is Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear.”   It is  brilliantly written with concerns that scientists can’t be trusted to keep control of all the advances in science and technology.  Although published in 2005, it is apropos with the deep pockets of climatic funding;   rivaling only the great Oklahoma land grab.  No story about saving the environment would be complete without a guest appearance by Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F).  You best remember those friendly earth-saving Elves as the ones whom like to roast their marshmallows by the fire of a few hundred SUVs and multi-million dollar homes.

In State of Fear, Crichton takes this mistrust a stage further.  Using actual climate government data and a fictional story, he shows that science is not a quest for knowledge and/or truth but another power struggle for funding and control.  Crichton shows competing scientists and wacko environmentalists are more likely to be influenced by self-interest and prejudice than by any objective evaluation of evidence. The book reads more like an autobiography of Al Gore than anything else I have read.  Check out the short 4 minute video and I have provided an additional link straight to Amazon for the book.

Piers Corbyn on Russia Today

Link to “State of Fear” on Amazon:


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