By - August 23, 2010

Wasilla’s next mayor: Levi Johnston, Community Organizer

Too irrelevant to wait for the Friday Funnies:  Levi Johnston, the guy made famous by sperminating Bristol Palin and posing for PlayGirl, has filed a “letter of intent” to run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.  Johnston signed up earlier this month to shoot a TV reality show that will chronicle his attempts to follow in Sarah Palin’s footsteps by becoming mayor of Wasilla.
Levi, age 20, has latched onto America’s desire for a magazine cover boy mentality and decided his years of being the community organizer for his hockey teams’ fights has prepared him for politics.

Levi did not file under any party affiliation for now. The form for running has some big words and he has yet to get his GED. For a guy who told the nation he wouldn’t vote for Sarah Palin, he sure seems to be a little obsessed with her.  He has apologized to Sarah for all the nasty things that he has said in the past.  Probably looking for an endorsement.  Just a month ago, Bristol and Levi were going to get back together until Levi told her he had fathered another child.

He is making more babies than a non-starting NBA  player.  He is hornier than Richard Dawson hosting the Family Feud.  You may also recall that he lost Bristol’s engagement ring during a caribou hunt.  Problem solved:  He had Bristol’s name tattooed on his finger.  (Not even Compound W Wart Remover can remove that!)  That will definitely leave a mark.  This guy plays for keeps.

He has bought into his own hype and is smiled upon by the media because of all his hatred he showed towards the Palin family.  So how does this one turn out?  I like Buffalo Bill’s, from Silence of the Lambs, chances of getting an invite for  “Dancing with the Stars,” long before Levi’s candidacy ever getting off the ground.

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