By - August 12, 2010

Will Obama’s Numbers be Like this in Two Years?


Obama Approval Index: -22 (Matches all-time low for this president)
Strongly Approve 24%
Strongly Disapprove 46% (Matches highest for this president)
Total Approval 43%

[Note: Media coverage of Obama has improved significantly over past week as his approval ratings have slipped… While 43% of voters approve, 55% of media coverage has been positive.]

These numbers came out on the wire this morning and I wondered about something Matthew Jerome said to me.  You see, he believes that in the next two years, the Republicans will NOT come up with a team that will get Barack and Crazy Joe out of the office.  He also believes that the media will put on an all out assault on viewers (Matt says Obama will be on the cover of People, Good Housekeeping the republican candidate will be on the cover of Guns & Amm0, and Popular Mechanics) in order to try to “inadvertently” sway voters into voting for Commissar Obama and…well…he’s still Crazy Joe.

I do believe that we are in the midst of a Conservative Revolution.  According to Karl Rove on Fox News, there is an estimated 6 million voter swing since 2006 in favor of the Republicans, most of it occurring since the 2008 elections.    Obama does not give any of his fellow Democrats room for cover either.  He has just cut $14 Billion out of a Food Stamp Program to help pay for a $26 Billion Teachers Bailout. (This will supposedly save 300,000 Teachers and non federal government jobs…does anyone smell an election year payoff?)  If you are a liberal Democrat in a blue collar district, you are in trouble whatever side you land on this issue.  You would think that 2012 is starting to look better and better.
However, as Matthew Jerome points out, 2012 is an eternity away politically and the last part of the report above is particularly disturbing.
While he only has a 43% approval rating, 55% of the coverage is positive.  He believes 43% is the very bottom of his approval ratings and there are that many closed minded Democrats that would never vote for better ideas unless there is  a “D’ after their name.  Matt may be right!  He points out that Walter Mondale received 41% of the vote in 1984 and now there are far more voters reliant upon the giant teet of the federal government today.
The mainstream press has practically said nothing about the Michelle Obama “let them eat cake” trip to Spain. Until Press Secretary’s Gibbs latest gaffe about fellow Democrats yesterday, the press have ignored statements that they would have trashed if it would have been a Republican.
We need to start preparing for 2012 now, even as we retake the House and possibly the Senate this year.  We must not be satisfied with what is sure to be a very good November.  The Republican/Tea Party must stay true to its conservative roots and must nominate a Presidential Candidate that can inspire a generation, as Reagan did 30 years ago.  The United States is in desperate need of inspiration and someone who is willing to lead it in cutting the excesses of the past.  Our debt is my generations Cold War and it must be confronted now.  Our leader must be someone who has proven he as been a leader in the business world as well as an effective politician.

Even though Obama’s poll numbers slid faster than a disgruntled Jet Blue flight attendant, do not be lulled to sleep that everything is okay now and the Republicans will be back in charge of Congress.  We believe that the Presidential Campaign begins now…not after November.  In order for us to overcome a considerably stacked deck known as the Liberal Mainstream Media, we must truly keep this revolution going at its grassroots.  A smart, logical and inspiration choice must be made.  I am calling for all Christians (of which I am one) to realize that this man is good of a candidate on social issues as anyone out there and is a solid fiscal conservative.  I would like to nominate Mitt Romney for President as of today.  Is anyone else with me?  Let’s get this party started!
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