By - September 13, 2010

Poll: Best Freshman Quarterback of 2010

I sat back and watched a number of college football games this weekend (a good weekend to relax and not worry about politics).  I have to say, college football is a great institution for a lot of reasons, but seeing every team pay homage to those souls we lost on 9-11 solidifies my belief that there is NO better place on earth than the USA.

Getting away from the 9-11 talk now…one thing I noticed in a number of games was there is a number of true or red shirt freshman at the helm of a lot of Div. 1 teams.  This is a result of the scholarship limitations I’m sure, but that’s not a bad thing if these freshman are truly a threat. That spells 4 good years for those teams with these talented freshman.

I am asking, Who is the Best Freshman Quartback this year?  The choices are: Robert Bolden of Penn State, Taylor Martinez of Nebraska, Aaron Murray of Georgia, Jordan Webb of Kansas, and for Red State Reports friend, Mike Frazier, Zach Frazer of U. Conn, who isn’t a freshman but I will put him in here for Mike and anybody who leaves Notre Dame can’t be all that bad.

Note: I apologize, I was lead to believe Denard was a freshman, by a Michigan and Detroit Lions fan. I have to give the guy a break though, anybody who is a Lions fan needs a break. Fortunately for Nebraska, we won’t have to deal with him for 3 years. Denard has now been removed from the list.


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  1. mike says:

    Denard Robinson isn’t a freshman, genius.

  2. Bubba says:

    And we will face Denard next year and the year after.

  3. James says:

    Tyler Bray from Tennesse should be in this conversation

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