By - September 12, 2010

President Obama: Please, no second stimulus package.

Doctor Health Care-President Obama

Dear Mr. President, I bid you a warm welcome and hello.

You became President know for saying that you would bring about “change we can believe in.” Everything that has happened since then has brought about the exact opposite. I would like to mention that I am a relatively new member of the voting bloc.  I am only 24 years old, supposedly from the generation that you have in the bag, votes wise.

I hate to tell you the truth because that seems to be a hard subject for you and your team of staff. In March of 2009, you gave the exact same speech in regards to the stimulus that you did last week in Michigan about money for rebuilding new roads, airports, etc.  Your claim is that this will help unemployment.  Why would this help when the first round of stimulus money did nothing? How would we be assured that a large chunk of it wouldn’t end up in government bureaucrats hands, just like the first round of money did?

Supposedly this new bill for money isn’t stimulus.  Hmmm… sounds interesting.  Especially considering that you are guaranteeing jobs and money, using the same words for people in 2009 as you did the other day.  Did any of that come about?  Let me say this, the most entertaining speeches you have given so far are more campaign based than dealing with the reality of the present. Funny, you take almost a trillion dollars to improve the economy and jobs.   Amazingly enough, people are still at 9.5% unemployment.

President Obama, please stop acting as if Americans are idiots.  We are sick of it.   NO matter how many people are behind you during your speeches smiling and shaking their head, it doesn’t matter.  Show’s over.  School is in session and you are flunking big time right now.

You might have gone to a grand school, but obviously not for business.  Everyday commerce deals with one aspect and that is positive results. You attempted, in your last several speeches, to make Republicans look bad.  It’s an obvious ploy at reelection for 2012.   I’m not falling for any of it.   Try blaming Bush or whoever else you want, but it wasn’t Bush with the stimulus plan that did nothing.

I hate to be the one who points this out to you, but having a health care plan is a privilege, like a driver’s license. If you don’t pay for the plan, you don’t get it.  Stop trying to make this country a sob story.  For people who are consistently out of work due to laziness and/or a drug problem, don’t paint the following picture:

“Because people have had hard times, we need to solve every last little problem that’s out there.”

It’s not only a cheap attempt at grabbing votes, but is very harmful to our society.

Like Glenn Beck, I’m a recovering alcoholic and a very young one at that.   However, I do not expect the government to give me what I haven’t earned.  You have stated that all the Republicans do is say no.  In the case of continuously expanding government at the expense of creating true, long term jobs, no is the best answer, most of the time.

I find it interesting that while we are trying to stop non-citizens from coming to the U.S. illegally, you are too busy golfing or on vacation with your family. Maybe, we should put a golf course (or a 5 star resort) on the border.

Then, maybe the following would happen:

  • Maybe then you would come and visit and show up to work for once.
  • Maybe then you would stop telling people not to go Vegas while your whole life is a vacation.
  • Maybe then you and your family would not waste millions of dollars in tax payer money protecting your family on a trip.
  • Maybe he would take his own advice and tighten his and his family’s belts, rather than traveling more than any human being alive.
  • Finally, maybe Obama and the gang (i.e. Pelosi, Reid, etc.) will start getting in touch with the rest of the American population, with real folks such as ourselves, rather than making us feel small and insignificant.


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