By - September 6, 2010

The Cost of the Future Obama Library

After a cursory review of the costs of Presidential libraries operated by the NARA, or in the case of this current sitting head’s future presidential (lower case) library, the stats show that it’s cheaper to go

Republican.  On average, in 2010 dollars, Democrats increase the costs of their libraries by $24 million while Republicans do it for less than half of that.  The amount is about $11 Million or so.

Why does this matter?  Well, the horse trading has begun as to which state will house the obama presidential (lower case) library.  Since I currently live in Illinois, I’m pulling for Hawaii to take it.  I invite everyone in the other 49 states to get right behind Hawaii as well.  I can envision the inscription above the doorway:

“The obama presidential (lower case) library, a chronology of lying.”

On average, of the 13 NARA ran libraries, the final item on the punch list is finished 5 years after January 20th of that President’s last day in office.  If that time line holds true, then the last teleprompter (not headed for the Smithsonian or Liars Institute)  should be put on display somewhere in 2018.

Running the numbers out to 2018 reveals that the future home of Barry’s Smoke and Mirrors Show should run in the range of $250 to $525 million. That means that it will cost each and every 2008 Obama voter in the United States between $3.74 and $7.85. If Illinois gets the palace, it will run, per every Obama voter here in 2008 between $73.10 and $153.52. If Hawaii wins, it will run, per every Obama voter there in 2008 between $767.17 and $1611.06.

Good luck Hawaii!

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