By - September 17, 2010

When Evil Prospers: Delaware

If you don’t read When Evil Prospers, start right now. Author John Washburn’s commentary on the Delaware primary and what it means for the GOP, the Tea Party, and America is right on. From the article,

The Tea Party is a genuine grassroots populist political uprising. We haven’t picked up pitchforks or tried to tar-and-feather anyone. No, instead we have dug in our heels and decided to make a stand right here, right now. There are a lot of problems in America and the two ruling parties are mainly the ones who created those problems. The Tea Party holds no allegiance to the GOP. In today’s America there is very little difference between Republican and Democrat.

If Dr. [Martin Luther] King were alive today he would be marching with us, if not leading us himself. We embrace immigration as a cornerstone principle of this nation. We treasure the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and we abide by them, fight for them and uphold them. The attacks on us are not genuine. Instead, they are an effort to retain power in Washington and retain control over the people. Nothing more. “Just shut up and obey, or you will pay”. Well, we’re not intimidated.

In the comments section, Washburn adds, “When the people fear the government it is tyranny, when the government fears the people it is Liberty.” Amen!

Read the rest of Washburn’s article here.

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  1. Mike Wittmann says:

    Yes, I realize that it is quite gauche to comment on one’s own post. Regardless, I can’t resist. Doug Wilson, another of my favorite blog authors, has also provided commentary on the post-Delaware state of the Tea Party and the GOP Establishment.

    Republicans As Abusive Former Boyfriend:

    We are being told that “we need to get” Republican numbers. But you guys had Republican numbers before, and what did you do with them? It is pretty clear to me that it has not yet dawned on the Republican establishment types that the tea partiers are just as angry with them as they are with the Democrats. The Republicans are the grossly irresponsible spenders and the Democrats are the manic, frenzied spenders. At least the Democrats are out of their minds.

    Go read the rest of the article. The paragraph I have quoted here may not even be the best part.

  2. Pen says:

    Mike – I oculdn’t agree with you more, thanks for the blog.

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