By - September 18, 2010

Women Smarter Than Men Because Belief In Global Warming

I will start this article out with a disclaimer: The following article does not mean or intend to portray that the author believes women are not as smart as men in any particular field

Now, having gotten that out of the way, the Christian Science Monitor, which despite its name is another liberal rag, has found that women are more likely to believe in Global Warming than men.

CSM explains that this finding would naturally mean women are smarter than men in relation to science: “His (sociologist Aaron McCright, an associate professor at Michigan State University)  study found that women conveyed slightly greater knowledge of climate change than men – agreeing that its affects were already being seen, that it is human-caused and that scientists think it is occurring. Women were also slightly more concerned about global warming than men.”

This is followed by: “the finding comes in spite of the common perception that men are more scientifically literate, McCright said.”

First, I would like to see the demographics of this Gallup poll. Was it taken mostly in the northeastern part of the US? What were the age demographics? The young and those in the northeast tend to be liberal in their views. Another question, what was the percentage of married to single women? You might think that is a stupid question, however studies have shown married women and particularly those with children tend to be more conservative.

This is where I might get myself in trouble. Because women are more likely to believe in a THEORY that is a hoax, does that mean they are smarter? It does mean women’s thought processes are based heavily on emotion rather than logic. I’m supported by the CSM article itself (femininity stresses attachment, empathy and care)…emotion.

This is where the liberal bend of the main stream press comes into play. To the liberals there is no question that global warming exists (despite the record cold temperatures set across the globe) and that it is man caused. Remember ALL the (liberal) scientists are in complete agreement on global warming (as long as those that disagree are not allowed to publish their findings and are hidden from any publications, ala climategate). If you don’t believe in global warming, in the eyes of the main stream press then you are a back hills redneck.

Take a look at the article by the Christian Science Monitor and see what you think, while I try to do something about my neck….does it look red to you?

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