By - October 27, 2010

And the Winner is… the American People

Granted, the Red State Report is not funded by a large conglomerate, so my voting calculus is a mixture of stolen polling information, political history and gut instincts.

First of all, it will be a very good night for the Republicans.  By the time the political wave hits the Mississippi River (9:00 CST) we will have a new Speaker of the House.  Only a pail of water and the voting electorate could accomplish what was needed to be done years ago.  Fire Madam Speaker Pelosi.

I am predicting a net gain by the Republicans at 76.  It has a nice feel to me like 1776.  This would include all the races in the House and Senate and sprinkle in a few governorships as a bonus.  The first victims to fall will be those Blue Dog Democrats in the East, remember how they ran on guns, religion, and fiscal conservatism?  Well, that gave us a celebrated narrow victory (5-4 Supreme Court decision on Second Amendment Rights for the states), abortion language in the health care bill, and a larger debt ($3 trillion) accumulated than it took (214 years) to create.  These Blue Dogs broke quite a few promises along the way and gave the power that Madam Pelosi has gone mad with.  These will be some of the first seats gained by new republican faces on election night.  I can not wait to watch the faces of the main stream news people and listen to how they explain what happened and the subsequent court challenges each time a Democrat goes down in their re-election bid.  This is not a gloat free zone here at Red State Report.

Some races of note:  MA- Barney Frank- he takes a licking (giggles) and keeps on ticking.  NV- Harry Reid- gets beat by 5 pts. or more and goes down swinging in a legal brawl.  Conn- former W.W.E and Tea Party darling Linda McMahon losses to a skeleton and in DE- not even witchcraft will help O’Donnell win.  CA- they send back Gov. Moonbeam and Boxer holds by a small margin to her seat. I can guarantee you that the polls are off on many races.  Do not be disheartened if your candidate is down in the polls.  The Democrats lack the inspiration to go vote unless they belong to a union that is forcing them to vote multiple times.

The Republicans will be victorious next Tuesday night.  You think this would be the news that every Republican has been anxiously waiting for the last 2 years.  Remember, this plays right into President Obama’s hand. This is where Obama excels (Community Agitator).  He will get his chance to play the victim role once again and operate in full-time campaign mode. Thus, ushering another 4 years of an Obama presidency.  Mark my words.

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